Become a Partner

Do you want to promote our products and get paid for it? Good news, with No Termite it is possible.

How does it work ?

1. You register via this registration link.

2. You complete the registration form by entering all your details, and you choose a name for your promotional code.

3. Your account is ready, you got 5% promo code to share to your audience. For each sale made with your promotional code, you will be paid 20% commission. For example, if you generate €100 in sales, you will receive €20.

4. You are free to promote No Termite everywhere: YouTube, blog, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest...

5. Once a sale has been made with your promotional code, the system assigns you the commission instantly.

6. Then the payment is made automatically by PayPal or to your bank account.

What are the advantages of being a partner?

1. You have no obligation on how to promote our products.

2. We can offer you a product for free if you are on YouTube or TikTok.

3. You get a huge 20% commission on each product.

4. The average of our partners is €0.11 earned per view. That is to say that if your video or your post is seen by 1000 people, you will earn on average 110€.

5. Dedicated and responsive technical support, which can be reached at any time.

6. All your sales, analyzes and payments can be found in our partner area on a simple dashboard.

So don't wait any longer and become a NoTermite partner. If you have any questions or requests, email us at contact@notermite.net!